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May 25, 2005



Awwww....Spike, Spike. Tell him that I say hello!!
and give him a cuddle for me!!!!!!!


So cute!!!!


heeheheheeheheheheheehehe *giggle*
I just want to reach out and rub his tummy.


I totally agree. I think that all the time when I see my kitty, Mia, snoozing away on the couch all day.


Kitty Belly!

Does Spike enjoy having his belly rubbed? Our cat, Kiddie, loves it. Our other cat, Lily, usually doesn't go for it.

Secret Pal

What a cute kitty! I agree...coming back as a cat would be the way to do it, eat sleep and be loved, what a life :)


LOL How DO cats do that? My cat, Simba, is constantly making himself into what we call "Twistaflex." He looks SOOO comfortable! I wish I were a house cat!

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