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May 16, 2008



Sorry you're out on disability, but man, your schedule sounds really nice to me right now ;) As for the cars, several of those were in our test drive group. We *almost* bought the 5-door Impreza. The thing that swayed our choice was that both of us noticed that it didn't shift smoothly from 1-2 and 2-3 gear. And since we are both car people, we knew that wasn't something we wanted to get used to. Now granted this was for the manual transmission only - we didn't drive the automatic. But otherwise we LOVED that car! It has a great layout and lots of room without feeling too big. We ended up buying a Rabbit and really love it, but its not going to give you the fuel economy that the Versa or Fit will give you since the engine is bigger.


Sorry you're not feeling well - hope the rest helps you get more comfortable! Enjoy the knitting time. :)


I hope you feel better! We've had a Subaru Impreza since 2001. We love it. Very low maintenance, nice size, decent gas mileage. The first one we had was totalled in an accident (not my husband's fault) and he walked away with only a tiny bruise. In New England they hold their resale value very well.


On second thought, I don't know if a Subaru really makes sense in SoCal. We got ours because of the snow. The AWD hurts your gas mileage.

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