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September 12, 2008



Wow, he's growing quickly and he looks like such the little man there! Hope the breastfeeding is getting better? Don't feel guilty about it, every mom has a different experience and I think it's tough for many. But it does get easier once they're bigger. (I did it for 18 mos.) I learned to do it lying on my side and took a nap while he was feeding. Eventually the frequency wore off and became just a good time for both of us to relax. I wasn't really thinking of it as bonding, just a necessary thing. I like the bonding that comes from holding/hugging and playing.


Aww he looks good in a hat! Get those beanies knitted! ;)


Hey Marisa, Jake is so cute!! I am sure you are doing great as a mom! It definately is a struggle - heck Jackson is almost 4 and some days I still struggle! Have you checked out www.meetup.com ?? they have some great local groups, many different groups there.

Love Ya!

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