March 22, 2006

A Proper Debut

Of River of course - My mom showing it off :)



This was a belated Christmas gift that I finished in January and relinquished a few weeks ago. Mom loves it!

February 06, 2006

On the blocking board...

... literally:


I finished up the knitting on River in January, but have finally gotten around to blocking her. I was able to complete fifteen repeats and ended up with hardly any yarn left at all. She measures 64" long and 22-1/2" wide on the blocking board. Her official debut, photo and all, will take place in a few days!

December 20, 2005

FO's and Re-Organization


Finished Objects!!

Here are two Shackles before felting


And here is one that is completed!


I made this one for Erika... we exchanged gifts this last Sunday. I ended up embellishing it with the lurex shimmer in pewter and fresh water pearls from here. If you are ever in need of jewelry making supplies or beads, and are in the San Diego area, definitely check it out! The place is crazy big and the selection is amazing!

The the second Shackle is for my SIL Jenifer. I hope to have the time to embellish it tonight.

AND - here is the finished Stitch Diva Curlique Scarf:


And a different view...


This was definitely a fun knit... just kinda hard on the eyes with the mohair. Something to keep in mind for those interested in making this one - The last row and bind-off are 1272 stitches each! Knitting-ADD settled in quite quickly! But - it was well worth it, the scarf is beautiful.


My knitting schedule has been severely effected by everything that has been going on the last couple of weeks. So, needless to say, I am very far from reaching my Christmas Knit-List goals. I have done some shuffling around.... and with the things I made for the craft fair, I am still able to give some hand-knit gifts. So, the revised December goal list is:

1. Finish River. (I will get to this one in a second).

2. Block the Interlacements Fan and Feather Shawl.

3. Finish two one ArtFibers/Stitch Diva Scarves. (Done.) Look what I purchased to complete the second one:


Yep - size 50 needles! Oh well, there is always a future birthday or something!

4. Felt and embellish Shackle. (Done)

5. Start and finish second Shackle -OR- a Knecklace. (Just needs some embellishing)

6. Sew handbag.

7. Start and finish one Mary Ella.

8. Start and finish one Mary Ella -OR- Sew a handbag.

9. Seam Ash.

10. Complete back portion of Homme #77, start one of the front pieces.

We'll see how the rest of the month goes...


I was plugging along on River last night... I was probably at the 40% complete stage when I noticed something horrible! I was so heart-broken, I could not even take a picture of it! I made a mistake... a big mistake... on the pattern... the yarn-overs were completely off about half way down! I totally missed it... you would think I was blind or something. Heart-broken, completely heart-broken. I really thought that if I worked on it every night I could get it done in time for the recipient for Christmas.... so not going to happen now!

Luckily, with A LOT of patience, tears, and taking my time, I ripped out the KSH and was able to salvage the yarn (thank goodness!). But now I'm at about 20% complete. Heart-broken, completely heart-broken. There's not enough time to finish it... I was pushing it at the 40% spot, but there is just no way now.

So, I'm off to the store tonight to purchase a gift instead of completing River. Bummer.

October 27, 2005

Catching Up - Part I

Sorry it's been awhile. The move has sucked up much of my free time... but we are almost completely out of the slum-lord, yucky house! Yippee!

Quite a bit has been going on in the knitting, sewing, crafting front - I'll post it in parts to keep things interesting :)

Most recently (and after a two week hiatus), Kris, Miyon and I met on Tuesday for our weekly knitting. After some yummy grub from Pat & Oscar's (Thanks Miyon!), we settled in. Kris worked on River, Miyon on a beanie, and I on the Interlacements Shawl. This shawl goes on forever...


It's currently at 52"... I would like to get it to 70" before casting off. If my estimations are right, that's about eight more sixteen row repeats! Am I ever going to get this one done or what?!?

Kris then started on River's beaded knot... she was so nice to let me "borrow" some beautiful silvery-white beads that she picked up on her Rhinebeck Vacation:


Using her tiny crochet hook, I beaded them onto the second ball of KSH. I have yet to start the knitting on it though.

Speaking of River, here she is in all her 11" beauty:


That being said, I'm making some pretty good progress on October's Goals. This coming weekend I hope to get the Bolero blocked, finishing it up; and get blocking done on Ash.

Stay tuned.... coming up on Installment II of Catching Up.... a craft fair and major stash enhancement...

October 13, 2005

Floating Down the River...

Remember this:


Rowan's Kidsilk Haze in Majestic has finally been cast on for River:


After a slow start, having to rip out and start over, I am through the initial thirty-six rows... only eleven more repeats to go! I may be adding more repeats than just the eleven - I want it to be longer than 50". But, I still want to make the beaded knot. Does anyone know how much yarn is left over after following the pattern exactly as written?? Is there enough to add a couple more pattern repeats and still have enough yarn for the knot??

September 14, 2005

Fat Tire!


Yep - There it is! The infamous Fat Tire has made its debut in San Diego! Andy discovered it at Whole Foods last week! For *years* it has been unavailable in Southern California. Andy and I have searched high and low for it in the past and had been unsuccessful. The only option was to order it online from Beverages & More and pay double the cost for a case due to the shipping. I have been famous for picking some up and driving it back to San Diego anytime I was on a road trip in Northern California. Needless to say Andy and I are both pretty happy that we have access to it at any time :)

Onto the knitting update....

I finished the knitting on Ash! Now I need to figure out how I am going to block it and then it will need to be seamed.... and we all know how I feel about seaming! No fear, I tell myself - I just ordered the Reader's Digest Knitter's Handbook. It got some really good reviews on Amazon, and if it doesn't fit the bill than I will return it and take Nancy's recommendation and order the Knitters Book on Finishing Techniques. In any case, I hope to gain more confidence in this skill and be able to finish up all those UFO's!

Kris dropped off the yarn that we ordered from Janette's Rare Yarns last Saturday:


Two skeins of Rowan's Kidsilk Haze in Majestic for River!


And six skeins of Rowan's Cashsoft DK in Donkey for IK's Fiery Bolero! Speaking of the Bolero, I did an immediate cast-on upon finishing up Ash. I have been working on it monogamously the last few evenings. It is worked in one piece starting from the back portion - I just finished the increases for the sleeves and I have about forty-five rows of working it straight until I move onto the neck shaping and dividing for the fronts. Since Andy and I are going to the Flogging Molly concert tonight and I have school tomorrow night, I won't get more accomplished until the weekend.

In other news....

A few weeks ago I went to see the Broadway Play "Little Women" at the Civic Theater in Downtown San Diego with a couple of friends. It was a great play and I really enjoyed seeing it. I noticed as we were leaving that "Wicked" is slated to come to San Diego next summer.... I. Totally. Want. To. See. This. Musical. Andy even said that he would go with me to see it (yeah, he *so* did not want to see Little Women!).  I've been wanting to read the book (by Gregory Maguire) forever, so I finally broke down and bought it last week. I'm currently on Page 38 and completely hooked! Now I just have to squeeze in the reading without sacrificing the knitting :)

September 07, 2005

Felting Needed

I wrapped up the Vertical Stripe Bag last night at Kris' during our weekly knit-together:


Are we sure that felting is needed??


Um, yeah.... that would be a resounding "YES!"

Now comes this issue of the washing-machine dilemma again... oh, you know, that fact that I don't have one! Hmmm, I wonder if my MIL would let me borrow her's for a bit...

Anyway, Kris had received the order that we place a couple of weeks ago at Handworks Gallery when they were having their 30% off sale:


Included in the original order was some Cashcotton DK for IK's Fiery Bolero and some Kidsilk Haze for River - but they were out of the colors I wanted! They did, however, have the Felted Tweed I wanted for Shackle.

Due to missing items we wanted from Handworks Gallery, Kris and I ended up going in on an ebay order - so I am now patiently waiting for some Cashsoft DK in "donkey" (don't even get me started on the name of the color :D) and some Kidsilk Haze in "majestic" for River! I can't wait to start River. I've been tracking the River KAL and it seems that there are some problems with needle selection due to the join of the needle to the cord. Kidsilk Haze seems to get stuck at this join. There has been some discussion about Bryspun circs but Kris is using some Boye aluminum circs to work on Birch (using a Habu Silk Kusa) and she is pretty happy with their performance thus far. I'm thinking that I will pick up the dirt cheap Boye's and give them a whirl for River.... once I get the yarn :)