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January 16, 2006



Compared to you, I know nothing about sewing, so no suggestions here. I just wanted to pop in and say I LOVE THAT BAG~~!~~ I can't wait to see a knitting bag of your creation. =)


To fix this project (instead of having to redo it) just take a permanent marker, and color the bobbin thread that's showing. This is a professional technique, by the way! HTH


Hi Marisa,
GREAT JOB!!! I am SOooo proud of you!!! Which type of stabilizer did you use? And what type of fabric did you embroider onto? Water Sol. will probably be too thin. If you are making a patch, to be sewn on afterwards, you need not tear/cut away the backing because you will be sewing ontop of another fabric. And if you need a sturdier backing you can always use two layers of stabilizer.
Love You!

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