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August 14, 2006



That looks great! Despite your wishy-washiness about the pattern, that totally makes me want to my White Lies project now!


It looks great! I love the edging. :)


Looks great! I'm loving Main Line too... I just started a new sweater with it.


It looks so lovely!


Oh it looks lovely! I salivate over all those White Lies Designs patterns but haven't bought one yet - I have so many other projects in the wings! But I love the colors you chose - very chic!


So cute - so flattering! Great color for you, too. I'd focus on that and forget about the pattern.


You go! I love the color.


You go! I love the color.


Darling! I'm still just one sleeve away from finishing mine Marcella, but I haven't knit a stitch in weeks - no months! Life is just too chaotic right now - grrrr.

I was a little peeved about the pattern showing up in Vogue too. Ah well.

Linda L

I am catching up on my blog reading. I just had to chime in and comment on how great this looks. I really like the look.

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